BRENT FOGT | Sculpture, Collage, & Process Art

My love of experimentation is the driving force behind my collages, sculptures, and drawings. I constantly ask myself “what would happen if….?” and try out new techniques, taking my cues directly from the materials he works with, such as abandoned furniture, vintage catalogues and weathered books — objects with a specific history. Without a predetermined outcome in mind, I test how individual components can be severed, joined, overlapped, combined, and recombined until they constitute a whole or near-whole.

My influences include Dada, Post-Minimalism, Arte Povera and contemporary artists such as Mark Bradford, Michael Dean, Sonia Gomes, Rachel Harrison, Charles Long, Jessica Stockholder, and Kostis Velonis. I am also fascinated with pop cultural phenomena from my childhood. Examples include sharks, kung fu, Evil Knievel, disco, punk rock, and prog rock.